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10 Rules to Follow Before Going for a Business Meeting

Visitor Management System

We all would have had at least one bad experience waiting at the reception area of an office for that important client meeting or to discuss on an upcoming project with a business acquaintance.

While the meeting would have been exciting, the waiting time was not such a nice memory to withhold after all. But being organized and following these 10 rules would ensure a comfortable check-in and check-out with absolutely no hiccups to either party (the host and you).

1. Take a prior appointment-

Even if you know your contact very well, it is always a good practice to take a prior appointment. You might never know if he would be available in his office or is tied up with a meeting which he could not get away from. Companies with a Visitor Management Software will have an appointment web portal module which enables you seek an appointment beforehand. Once that is done, print it out and carry it along.

2. Appointment Id-

Some Visitor Management software like TouchPoint has an additional option of sending an SMS confirming the appointment. Just show this SMS/appointment ID while making an entry into the premises. This way the usual procedures of the guard stopping you at the reception and the tedious time-consuming information entry can be avoided.

3. Be on time-

Punctuality is no doubt a business best practice. It is always better to be early than be sorry. Some companies still follow the age old method of manual entry in a Visitor Log book. This system chokes the process at the reception and long queues become inevitable. So, even if you are on time for the meeting, you would end up being late at your contact’s office due to situations which are beyond your control.

4. Be specific-

Being specific avoids confusion and puts you in track. When you are not sure about the details of your contact you are wasting your valuable time and energy. For example when you know only the first name, or your contact’s name is say; John Peter, you end up spending a lot of time in tracking your contact at the reception because people with the same names can be seen in more than one department. Always note down full information like your contact’s first name, last name and the department. This way you can avoid ambiguity and track your contact in no time.

5. Self-check in-

With queue being a major roadblock for the visitors at the entrance, standalone kiosks (or tablets) are a blessing. Softwares like TouchPoint offer self-check-in modules through kiosks which are easy to understand and use. You can just enter your details directly in these kiosks or tablets without anyone’s help or intervention and check-in smoothly. Before you submit, check if you have entered the right information.

6. Your identification/proof-

With increasing security threats, many companies make it mandatory for the visitors to carry an identity proof with them. A software like TouchPoint scans the IDs using a portable scanner and the verification process will be completed in a jiffy. national id, driving license.

7. Regular visitor-

If you are a regular visitor at the premises, try making things easier for yourself. Contact the guard and if he is using a good visitor Management System, he can quickly seek your information thus avoiding delays in doing an entry in the system all over again.

8. Carrying laptops-

A lot of companies have stringent information security norms which prohibit visitors from carrying gadgets like laptops and mobile phones to be carried inside their premises. You should either seek prior approval to carry your electronic gadgets or leave them at the reception. In either case, you are required to provide details like the serial number etc. When you keep these details handy, you will be able to avoid delays caused by the guards in finding this information all by themselves.

9. Respect the decorum-

While you are waiting at the reception for the host to come and receive you, there are some etiquettes that you need to strictly follow. You may be a busy person and cannot part from your phone but make sure that you do not talk loudly or allow your phone to keep beeping all the time. This totally spoils the environment and brings negativity not only to you but also the organization that you represent. Keep your phones in silent and when you pick up calls make sure you do not raise your voice to the level that it becomes annoying to the people around you.

10. Proper checkout-

It often happens that when our meetings are over, we forget to hand over the visitor badge given to us to the guard. This way, the check-in is not properly closed. Software like TouchPoint escalate this to the security head and also informs the host accordingly. Make sure you avoid causing such inconveniences and submit the badge to a guard. If you had checked-in through a kiosk, all you have to do is use the barcode in your badge to check-out properly.

In a professional environment, it is not only important that the visitors are treated with utmost care, it also a good business practice for a visitor to come prepared so that he can gain a smooth entry into the premises.