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5 Things to Add in a Perfect Visitor’s Pass

A perfect visitor’s pass? Many might wonder what could be ‘perfect’ about a pass.

What makes a visitor’s pass perfect?

A visitor’s pass is something that is given to visitors of a building/office. Normally it would carry the following information –

  1. Name of the visitor
  2. Age (optional)
  3. Address
  4. Mobile Number
  5. Person to meet – Name / Department
  6. From (Company Name)
  7. Reason for meeting – (Personal / Professional)

Most companies believe that printing out this information makes a visitor’s pass. Period. While this information is enough to design a basic pass there is much more that can be added to this.

Here are five things that can be added to the visitor’s pass to make it perfect

Evacuation Plan

fire evacuation map for easy exit

One of the biggest advantages that a visitor management system brings to a facility is that it helps to evacuate the building in a planned manner that would minimize the risk for the employees and the visitors. Disasters such as fire, earthquake, bombing etc. can happen anytime and the facility managers must be prepared with contingency plans to evacuate the building.

Most IT Parks and companies have compulsory monthly evacuation drills, where the employees exit the premises in an orderly fashion. While the employees would be familiar with this drill and know how to act during an emergency, a visitor who has come to the premises would be unaware about the procedures that one needs to follow during an evacuation.

Printing a simple evacuation plan along with a map for the visitors on their pass would help save lives and will also make them feel secure and safe within the building.

Exit Points and Parking Areas

exit and parking area map

Large IT Parks that have sprawling grounds will have many exit points. Most often Visitors get lost trying to locate exit points and finding the parking areas where they have parked their vehicles. By adding a simple map of the premises, things become very easy for the visitors and will save enormous amount of their time.

Canteen Information

canteen area

Certain types of visitors are likely to spend the whole day within the premises. For e.g. Govt. Visitors, Students working on projects, Visiting Employees etc. For them, the visitor’s pass can also include a map to the canteen facilities available within the complex.


toilet map

This is very important information that would help the visitors while within the premises. Most often visitors might find it embarrassing to ask their host for this information and may get lost trying to hunt for a toilet on their own. Printing this information would help them find the restroom easily.

Rules to be following within the premises

dos and donts in office premises

Some companies that have a robust visitor management system send this information to visitors one day prior to their visit. Printing the same on the visitor’s pass helps to enforce them in a much better way. Some common rules that one would ask the visitor to comply with would be the following –

  1. No Smoking
  2. No Drinking
  3. No Littering
  4. No Photographs while within the premises
  5. No Mobile Phones
  6. No Plastic

Companies that put in a lot of thought and energy in designing perfect visitor’s pass not only create a great impression on their visitors but also avoid many potential problems that arise due to miscommunication.

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