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6 Reasons to Choose a Saas or Cloud Based Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Every facility inevitably requires a Visitor Management System(VMS) that ensures the safety of the facility and a well coordinated reception area. A good VMS should focus exclusively in building Efficiency, Control and proper balance of security and comfort.

A VMS software is typically very different from any other regular software used by the organization.

When every other software is used for capital purposes i.e used for the employees and by the employees like the ERP, accounting, attendance and payroll softwares, a VMS is used by the extended enterprise. Vendors, Visitors and your guard companies use this software and they all reside outside your premises most of the times.

Consequently, it is in the inherent build of the software that it be hosted in the cloud for easy accessibility from anywhere and in any device.

Apart from this, there are many functional advantages of a SAAS or Cloud based Visitor Management System

1. Information at your fingertips

A VMS like TouchPoint would ensure that your critical information is safe. Besides, you would be able to access the information from everywhere. Be it your office, coffee shop or the comfort of your home. It works on all devices- Mobile, tablet or your PC

2. Pay as you go

TouchPoint has the most popularly accepted model among the new age software users which is SAAS. All you have to do is plug and play- create a username and password to rapidly deploy the software in your system. Further, You can just pay as you go which means it demands no big investments that siphon off your budget.

3. No Commitment

A Saas based software offers you the comfort of choosing the best time period that suits your budget. Thus, excluding the step of proof of concept completely. You don’t have to get committed to the software to an extended period and be stuck with a wrong product that does not fit your system. There is no Lock in period. Just use it for a month and decide if it suits you well

4. Maintenance Free

The vendor takes the full responsibility of maintaining your hardware and software. Software updation will no longer be on your to do list. There will be strict SLAs (Service level Agreements) with the best response time. Hence, your software will always be kept up-to-date. The vendor takes care of the backup, recovery and data redundance.

5. Gain Easy Approvals

There is a significant advantage in getting revenue expenditures approved compared to capital expenditures which can demand deeper pockets.

Since TouchPoint is Saas based, it becomes easier to get approvals from the decision making authorities and you can start operating the Visitor Management System in just no time.

6. Save on Expenditure and Increase ROI

With the headache of upgradation and maintenance is completely gone, you can save loads of money on updates and the resources required for the task. Your IT guy’s work is completely devoid of anything related to Visitor Management. Enjoy the benefits of Zero infrastructure, auto backup and recovery with TouchPoint.

Why a Visitor management System should be in Cloud?

As mentioned earlier in the blog, A VMS is a software exclusively meant for people people who are predominantly outside your facility who need access to it on a regular basis. This applies mainly to the guard companies you are associated with.

The system provides you with strict control and maintenance of visitor and material management at your reception with accessibility to information from anywhere and everywhere.

Setting up a VMS is easy. Visit and give it a try!