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Front office protocols that you should know as a visitor

Visitor Management System

With the world becoming unsafe every day, prominent buildings are often picked up as terror targets to unleash bomb threats and shootings. This has resulted in most software giants and prominent IT companies to install digital systems in place to weed out unwanted from genuine visitors.

If you have successfully procured an appointment from your client, then you will have to undergo certain preliminary security protocols at their front office before you would be ushered in. (Most software companies follow these security rules for new first-time visitors.)

Once an appointment is fixed from the client’s end, the front-office would receive the following details about the visitor – Name, Address, Mobile, Email, Purpose of visit, Your Office name, Office address. In other words, the front-office executive would be expecting you, at the stipulated time.

Once you reach the reception area, greet the executive politely and tell him/her the reason for your visit and show the print out of the appointment confirmation or provide the appointment id. After the executive confirms your appointment, the following things would happen –

  1. You would be asked to produce any recent ID card that you possess – Driver’s license, Pan Card, Aadhar Card etc. and the same would be scanned.
  2. If you are carrying any equipment or laptop, it would be inspected and an inventory of the items would be noted down.
  3. You would also be asked to pose for a digital photo that would be taken by an automatic camera fitted at the front-office.
  4. The front office executive would then print out an entry pass that you would be required to carry, while in the premises.

Some companies might have other sophisticated security protocols in place, such as fingerprint scanning etc. Now that you have the entry pass, ask for directions as to where you would be meeting the client. Most offices would have a designated visitor’s room where interviews and vendors are met.

Standard business appointments last for an hour unless you are there are to meet a bunch of people. If for some reason your meeting with the client were stretching beyond the stipulated time, the host would then get an alert about the same. Once your meeting is successfully concluded, thank the client/host and leave politely.

Most companies today, have Visitor Management Systems like Touchpoint that act as a digital guard for premises. Therefore while visiting a client’s place, never be offended or affronted by security protocols. Do not snap at the front-office executive for asking your credentials or get outraged that they want to check your bag. Note that all strangers who pass through the reception are required to follow the same protocol!