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10 Ways to Impress Office Visitors and Vendors

Visitor Management System

Long queues… harassed front office executive and no place to sit…

It is sad that most companies spend a lot of resources to make their office premises look swanky only to hand over a dog eared visitor’s log where one adds their own details in indecipherable handwriting.

What could be worse than that would be making the visitor (vendor) wait for an interminable time before he or she is sent in to meet the intended host? What sort of impression are you creating in his/her mind about your company?

In an IT park where thousands of people work, hundreds of visitors would walk in wanting to meet for personal or business reasons. Most companies design their reception room beautifully with imported carpets, interesting paintings, plush interiors, comfortable chairs and a pleasant looking receptionist. While it is great to sit within pleasant interiors the visitor’s delight is not certainly determined by how soft the carpet is or how nice the chairs were. What really matters to the Visitor is that they meet the host immediately at the appointed time.

To do that one needs a combination of digital and manual system operating in tandem. Here is how you do it –

  1. Professional Visitor Management System: There is nothing like an end-to-end system that not only covers all manners of security aspect but also ensures that visitors are ushered in for their meeting on time.
  2. Digital Check in Kiosk: Replace your visitor’s log with a digital check in kiosk. Let the visitors meet their host / business clients seamlessly by checking themselves with the copy of their appointment number.
  3. IPad Receptionist: Ipad receptionists are in vogue now and their operation is effectively simple. No more receptionists or executives. All you need is a simple app to track the visitors who would use the ipad to check in their details. It is also a proven fact that high-tech technology such as this will never fail to impress!
  4. Prior Appointment: Appointment trackers are very handy apps that allow the visitors to make prior appointments with the host. Seamlessly integrated with the visitor management system, app such as these help avoid unnecessary crowding.
  5. Refreshments and Courteous Behaviour: The office reception is the face of the company for your visitors. Therefore courtesy behaviour and professional civility are a must for front-office executives. Along with beautiful interiors, good seats and nice carpets serving your visitors with refreshments such as water or coffee while they wait makes a lasting good impression on them.
  6. Engaging with your Visitor: Lend an ear to the visitor if he/she wishes to talk or chit chat. This may not have an earth-shattering effect on a business deal with the client but it sure does make them feel positive about the company that they are doing business with.
  7. Cleanliness: A clean and tidy office never fails to make a good impression upon your visitors and clients. Do ensure that all areas that a visitor might visit are clean and dust free. Toilets and vanity corners need to be kept extra clean, sterile and germ free.
  8. Branded Stationary: Using branded and good quality stationary does create a good impression. The same can be given as a complimentary to the client/visitor as a gesture of good will. It also serves as a great marketing ploy and a worthy branding exercise.
  9. Modern Space: Spacious well laid out offices are not only pleasing to see but are a pleasure to work around and visit. Modernize your office with innovations that would give the right impression about your company office to your visitors.
  10. Go Green: No message is more relevant than this in today’s world. And one of the many things that you could do to enforce this would be make your office completely digital and paperless. A digital visitor management system would make the right impression towards going green for all your visitors.

While professional visitor management systems covers the security aspects of the facility and streamlines the process of meeting people front-office executives can add a personal touch in making the visitors comfortable.

What strategies do you adopt to impress your office visitors?