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How to keep track of materials movement at the gates?

Material Management System

Material gatepass software is a technology tool used to record the movement of goods at the gate.

Not Many Tools Available

Though there is no denying the importance of monitoring movement of materials and goods in and out of an organization, there are very few tools available in the market to facilitate this critical task.

One might argue that ERP software is available to track purchases, as no transaction is considered closed till goods are delivered and accounts is intimated for bill payment. However, this does not extend to material taken out of an organization on a returnable basis, for example, something taken out for repair. Besides, most ERP software users do not extend login access to personnel at the gates.

Existing Manual Processes Cumbersome

The ideal steps in the workflow for this process are as follows:

  1. The person who wants the material moved raises a request.
  2. The approver processes the request.
  3. The approver sends the information to dispatch.
  4. The material is physically transferred.
  5. In case of returnable material, it has to be brought back.
  6. Transaction loop is closed.

Currently, in most organizations, this process happens using a document called the gatepass, which is manually written and passed from person to person with proper signatures and approvals. This happens sequentially at several levels till the physical movement takes place.

Like any manual process, it comes with is limitations – difficulty in managing, monitoring and controlling. Especially in the case of returnable material, it has been seen and observed that the manual process does not handle the partial returnable cases. For example, when five goods go out and only two of those five need to come back;this is not recorded or monitored properly, and the issue gets snowballed during audit.

Recording Material Movement: TouchPoint – A Software to End All Your Woes

TouchPoint is a simple tool, which can be configured to handle simple and complex workflows and approval processes. Web based and tightly integrated with emails, it is available in SaaS model, making it mandatory for an organization to use it.

TouchPoint is your solution to getting rid of the nightmare of managing material gate pass.

Track, monitor and control movement of material at your gate, using TouchPoint. It’s an investment for peace of mind.