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How to secure your apartments and condos?

Visitor Management System for apartments

Two decades ago, it was perfectly normal to find children playing unsupervised under the apartment building and even on the road. But today, that’s not possible. Children can’t play alone within the precincts of their apartments without a supervising adult to keep an eye on them.

Life in the metro has become terribly unsafe for all and most vulnerable victims are women and children who fall prey to molesters, rapists and miscreants. Sadly, one’s own home is not safe enough and many unfortunate events could have been averted, if only they had implemented good security measures. What is called for is a good visitor management system that is not only thorough but sophisticated enough to discourage criminals from targeting the apartment complex.

Here is how a simple visitor management system would work –

Each visitor who comes to the Apartment building is stopped at the entrance and his or her details are noted in a Tablet that is connected to a server. Details such as – Name, Address, Phone / Mobile, Host etc. are noted a photo of the visitor is clicked and saved in the server. Identity cards such as driver’s licence and Pan Cards shown by the visitors are also scanned and the data noted in the server as an additional precaution. This effectively discourages the visitors from providing false information at the gate, to the security personnel.

Next, a SMS is sent to the apartment owner whom the visitor wants to meet and if they agree, the visitor is sent ahead.

With an effective veto system such as this, strangers who come calling to the apartment building using one pretext or the other are weeded out at the entrance and only the genuine visitors are allowed inside.

One of the biggest advantages of such a system is the accuracy of the information that is recorded. While one can still provide a false name to the system, the scanning of ids such as Driver’s licence or the Pan Card would instantly blacklist them, as false.

Digital photos of the visitors is yet another measure that discourages criminals from approaching buildings with Visitor Management Systems. No known criminal worth his salt, would want to be photographed, lest it led to suspicion and arrest!

Prevention is certainly better than the cure and by implementing simple electronic systems such as these one can not only ensure safety of the premises but also discourage strangers from targeting the building for criminal activity.

There are many Visitor Management Systems in the market such Touch Point with customizable features that can effectively act as digital guards for your apartment and keep away criminal elements from your home.