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The real safety around apartments and condominiums

Visitor Management System for apartments

You look through the last ten days’ newspapers, and you’ll discover that it’s not only people out there on the roads who face safety and security dangers, but also the ones who are in the confines of their homes.

On any given date, you’ll find at least two or three instances of safety lapses and unfortunate incidents caused to people inside their homes. Typically these are because of lack of control over who enters your homes. And these incidents are common across cities and countries.

What can you do to make your houses more secure? Guards? Closed circuit TV? How can you ensure there is a record of every individual who enters and exits the apartment complex, whether it’s a pizza delivery boy, an agent, a rent collector or a vendor?

A good visitor management system is the answer…

Here’s how it works. You connect a tab to a server that records the details of every visitor.At any point of time the database is up to date and retrievable through the server. The workflow can also be simple, so that when the visitor comes in, the guard can get details like the visitor’s name, address and phone number, and take the visitor’s picture. You then push this data to the server and ansms is triggered to the resident.

The software is so simple that you can use it in any tab. Visitors can use it themselves, and the data is properly captured. If you also have a scanner available to scan identity cards, driving licenses and the like, you can use it for additional security and proof. An OTP can be sent to the number as ansms to check the accuracy of the number given.

A simple yet effective safety option is available – a visitor management system. Protect yourselves and your homes. Prevention is always better than cure.