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How to fix a business appointment with a new client?

Visitor Management System for appointments

For most professionals, time is precious and valuable. That’s why one of the foremost office etiquettes that we learn right at the beginning is the art of making business appointments.

Many might argue that fixing appointments isn’t rocket science so what’s the big deal about it. For example, if you are trying to sell Printers to Software Companies, then you can’t just turn up with some brochures and expect the HR to meet you. You will have to speak to the HR over the phone and convince him/her that your product is interesting enough to merit an appointment in person. There… that’s why making business appointments are the most important first lesson for a young graduate.

Here are a few scenarios and the right etiquette for each one of them –

Fixing an appointment with a Client –

When you are fixing an appointment to meet a client at their office there are certain protocols that needs to be followed –

  1. Before making the call, spend some time learning more about the company who you are trying to procure as your client.
  2. Find out the name of the person that you need to speak to and call them directly on the office line.
  3. Introduce yourself and speak politely to the front-office executive and ask to be connected to the person that you wish to speak to.
  4. Wait patiently while you are being connected and then introduce yourself and your company.
  5. Speak to them about your product and request an appointment for a presentation.
  6. If the client agrees to meet you at their office, let them to fix a convenient date and time for the same. Note down the details of the appointment and end the call politely.

While most small and medium level offices operate haphazardly while fixing appointments, Business Conglomerates and IT giants make judicious use of Visitor Management system. If you need to meet a client from these companies, then you will need to fix an appointment through their web portal. It is a fairly simple process that would ask for your details and once the appointment is fixed, you can print it out and show it as a gate pass at the front desk of the office.

In some cases, the host/client might fix an appointment for you using sites like or the mobile app. Details such as Name, Date and Time of the appointment and host details can be given and an auto generated mail would be sent with a link to print the appointment details. Pre-fixed appointments by the host makes things very easy as it helps to bypass the normal security protocols that would be followed for any other visitor.

Once you have successfully fixed an appointment, prepare for your meeting thoroughly and plan to reach the client’s office on time.