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How to Monitor returnable and non-returnable material movement in IT Parks?

Material Management System

Material management in any premises needs careful management. Be it a three-floor office or a huge IT park with multiple offices, materials are often taken out of the building and then brought back. How do the gate personnel keep track of these materials? An ordinary visitor’s log is ill equipped to handle these operations and that’s why it requires a system that is more sophisticated and systematic.

Materials are of two categories in any office – returnable and non-returnable

As the name suggests, certain materials that are taken out of the office building need to be ‘returned’ after a certain period of time. For e.g. a Computer or a Laptop that needs to be serviced by the technician needs to be taken out of the premises and brought back once ready.

Non-returnable material are those that taken away from the premises for good. For example – a bunch of faulty chairs, redundant fax machines, laptops that are dead forever etc.

The problem that most IT parks face is that sheer logistics of keeping track of items that need to come back to their office. While most offices have their own ERP software and an admin officer to keep an eye on the items that the company is purchasing, there is no system in place to keep track of items that need to return to the office. At the most the security personnel at the gate might have noted a log with the person’s name and contact numbers. A few judicious security personnel would call the office executive who had given the permission to take the materials out of the building and verify the matter.

However how do we track the materials that need to return to the building on a certain date?

This is where a Materials Management module like TouchPoint becomes more relevant and necessary. Here is how this module will work –

  1. The office executive raises a request in his company internally to remove certain computers from the office for servicing.
  2. After an internal approval the computers are dispatched to the hardware company that takes care of these requests.
  3. The executive then issues a gate pass that contains all the details – Number of materials, type of materials, List of non-returnable and returnable materials and the tentative date by which the non-returnable materials need to be returned.
  4. The gate pass also contains details of who is taking the materials, their contact numbers and addresses.
  5. Once the materials are dispatched the Materials Management system will alert the office executive and the approver about the materials that need to be returned on that particular date so that they can follow up.

Materials Management module’s modus operandi is seemingly simple module but many IT parks have found it to be a very effective and systematic tool to track down materials.