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Why Seeking an Approval for carrying electronic gadgets have become a security norm in most companies?

Visitor Management System

Enter any mall or a theatre, security guards frisk us, check our bags for anything suspicious. A decade ago, these precautions were in place only for political leaders but that’s not so today. Any popular place of entertainment, worship, travel or a tourist spot has become a terror target. IT Parks and Software companies too have come under terror radar, which is why most of them have a good Visitor Management system.

If you have an appointment with a client at an IT Park, then you will have to undergo the necessary security protocols that are in place. Right from fixing an appointment, protocols have been digitized not only to help the visitor but also to streamline the presence of strangers within the complex.

One of the many security protocols that are followed in almost all IT Parks and Software Companies is the checking of materials that are taken inside the premises. If you have a presentation to make at the client’s office, then it is but natural to carry a laptop. So once you reach the front-office of your client’s all the materials that you carry will be checked and tagged. Most Visitor Management Systems have pre-scheduled appointment options that would allow you to make an appointment online or the host would give your details for the same. Once you give your appointment id or show the print out of the appointment to the front-office executive, you would be allowed inside after noting down all your details – Name, Office Name, Address etc.

While carrying a laptop for a meeting –

  • Make sure that you have charged it fully
  • Carry the charger as well, just in case your presentation takes longer than usual
  • Shut down the laptop when you come to the client’s office.
  • Allow the security personnel to check your laptop and any other material that you bring in.

Before you come for the meeting, it is important that you tell your client beforehand that you would be giving them a presentation. This would allow them allocate the necessary time for the same.

Not all Visitor’s room in the client’s office might be equipped with projectors that are required for a presentation and if you need a projector, you will need to put in a prior request for the same.

After the presentation, answer the client’s questions politely and shut down the laptop. If you are carrying away any material given by the client, you will be questioned about the same at the front-desk. Your client should ideally alert the front office about this and if he/she forgets to do it, then remind them.

They say it is better to be ‘safe’ rather than sorry. Most security protocols operate under the same rule and where safety of the premises and its inhabitants are paramount, there ought to be no compromises.