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Why is Self-help the best help in Visitor Management?

It’s a DIY (Do it yourself) world out there.

self help visitor maangement

A few decades ago, there were stenographers who would note down your letters, type and bring it on for your signature. Today, there are no jobs for stenographers because executives type their own emails and manage their own correspondence.

In the same manner, we believe that front-office executives would soon be replaced by digitized systems that would perform the job in a more efficient manner. Here are five reasons as to why self-help is the best help in Visitor Management.

No more waiting

Companies tend to spend a lot of money on their lobby interiors. First impression is after all the best impression. No matter how soft the carpet is or how pleasant the front-office executive is the visitor would be most impressed if you could get them inside the premises at the earliest. No visitor wants to wait interminably looking at the fantastic interiors that you have set up. Time is precious for all. Setting a visitor’s kiosk would save a lot of time for the visitors, as they don’t have to wait for the executive to note down the names and inform the host.

Manual Error Reduction

Dog-eared registers are nothing new. Most companies still maintain 20 – 30 registers annually and in a factory set up the number of registers are more than 30. Sourcing information from these registers is a very difficult proposition as most people’s handwriting is illegible at the best. In an evacuation scenario it would be simply impossible to understand and retrieve information about the number of visitors who are stuck inside. With a visitor management system in place, you can easily know how many visitors are still inside the facility within a few seconds. And when the visitors are giving their own details at a kiosk or the tablet the margin of error will be low.

Easy Appointment

Most of the time appointments are fixed over email, phone or text and when the visitors arrive at the office for the meeting, they are made to wait and sometimes interminably. That’s because the host is not using a visitor management system that would actually alert them about all their appointments for the day. Companies that use Visitor Management System rarely have to face such issues. That’s because when someone wants an appointment at a particular time, the system will first check the rest of the appointments made for the person before assigning the time. This allows the host time enough to breathe and meet all the people that they have to in a phased manner and the visitor need not waste their precious time.

All Visitor Management Systems come with an appointment app or website through which the visitor can fix his or her own appointments.

Self-help kiosks and tablet receptionists are already replacing front-office executives in many companies. They also help to enhance the company’s image among their visitors and also aid the green initiative by reducing the usage of paper.