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The meeting was great but what happened before that made me think!

Visitor Management System

It was my best buddy Andrew’s Birthday last Thursday. Since we were all busy with our work, we had planned it for the weekend on Sunday. This is an opportunity for my friends from college to meet each other after 8 years. All of us are quite excited and cannot wait to be there. I made sure that I would not miss this at any cost.

Oh no! now I remember! I have to give a very important presentation to the VP Finance of a big corporate the coming Monday. They are our most sought after Client and If I crack this deal, it could have a major impact on my career. I am under a lot of pressure these days and have already completed 65% of my target. My boss is breathing down my neck for the remaining. The presentation took a lot of time to create. I had to cancel my yoga lessons and dedicate all of my Saturday and a few hours from my Sunday as well. But that ok, I am now very confident that I have prepared this presentation in such a way that it would definitely impress my clients. Further, I am also able to make it to the party.

I am at the party and there is no doubt that I am having the best time of my life. It is nostalgic to see all of my friends at the same time. We are totally drunk and my friend Peter is the only one who could drive me to the apartment. I always have the practice to set an alarm on my phone as well on my time piece. My phone went dry in the night and I should thank my habit that I woke up with my second alarm. It’s 7.30 already and I have very little time in my hands. It’s 8.30 now and I am driving like Mad Max on a road battle to reach on time.

Right on time! it’s 9.50 and I have the meeting scheduled for 10. I look at the entrance and I could not believe my eyes. There is a long queue waiting to do entries on a log book. And I thought I am visiting a company which has Spread its wings to all corners of the world.

When I think about this situation, all I could imagine is that I have got an elephant inside but got stuck with its tail lying outside. The queue is moving at a very slow pace with every visitor taking their own time in filling up the log book and God alone knows if they are entering the right information. Here comes my turn, I just scribble on the log as fast as I could, but there is a procedure to be taken care of if I have to take my laptop with me. The guard struggles to find the serial number and after repeated attempts he allows me to help him find it.

Now, I am fifteen minutes late which is no mistake of mine and I don’t believe that I would be able to explain this to the VP finance of the company. The man is kind enough to accept my apologies and listens to my presentation with full attention. I know he had very little time, that he has a busy schedule and is travelling abroad the very next day. After the presentation, I am pretty sure that I had impressed him. I make a quick calculation on my head on the size of the deal and that makes me instantly happy. But I shall have to keep my fingers crossed and wait till he returns back from his trip to know about his decision.

On the way back, I cannot stop myself from thinking about the experiences I had before entering the premises of this big company. Why does this company require a data management software when they do not even have a proper Visitor Management System in place? I should definitely think about pitching in for a Visitor Management Software and I am coming back here for sure.