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Top 3 Reasons to Opt for a Visitor Management System

Top 3 Reasons to Opt for a Visitor Management System

“It was my first time in India, visiting a client for a business meeting. The office building looked impressive but I when I entered the facility I was made to wait for 20 minutes before my details were entered into a long register book. The security guard got my name wrong twice before he could strike off and correct it in his book. By the time I reached the office I was half hour late!”

A visitor from Germany gave the following testimony and admittedly he was upset because he was late for his meeting.

Most companies think that a Visitor Management System is an unnecessary expense and that they don’t need it until they get a testimony like the above from their clients.

Here are our top three reasons as to why you need to opt for a Visitor Management System –

Protecting physical and digital assets is of paramount importance for any company. This can’t be effectively done using visitor’s log book because most of the information that is written down is illegible. We don’t employ security guards for their legible handwriting and most of them are barely educated therefore the data that they take down is consequently illegible. It is also very easy to write false names, information and contact numbers on the log book and there is no way to confirm its veracity.

In an automated Visitor Management System the visitor’s names are entered digitally hence there is no question of data legibility. The system also stores details of the visitor’s ID card that helps to establish his/her real identity. In certain facilities, the VMS (Visitor Management System) is also used to screen the visitors against felony and sex offender watch list thus providing maximum security to the people within.

In a VMS, all relevant information about the visitors are noted down including the items that they are carrying inside and while exiting thus discouraging any kind of data theft or mischief within the facility.

Create the right impression
Companies spend humungous amounts of money on getting their interiors right but fail to see the impression that they are creating on their clients. Even while you are polishing your lobby floor to shine, your visitor is standing in a queue at the building lobby along with the janitor to write his name down on the register book. If the lobby is crowded he comes up late for his meeting and he has time enough to form the worst opinion about the company and their way of greeting visitors.

A visitor management system is a must in a multi-tenancy building. It not only enhances the security aspect of the facility but also helps to usher in visitors who are special for the company without much fuss.

Streamline Operations
Facility management is all about being prepared for uneventful events. Earthquake, fire, floods, terror attacks happens all around us and at any given point of time, it is important to know how many people are there inside the building. Without a Visitor Management System in place, the security desk would be counting the number of visitors and employees manually through their registers, which is not a feasible option during an emergency.

With a VMS in place, it is very easy to evacuate the visitors and employees from the building. Some companies give their visitors a handy map of the facility and also give them instructions as to what they need to do in the event of an emergency.

Visitor Management Systems not only help to enhance security of the building but also create the right impression about the company on the visitor’s mind. Visitor Management Systems such as TouchPoint are invaluable to protect the company’s assets and they also help the company to cut costs through self-help kiosks and tablet receptionist.