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Using Tablets in Visitor Management

Using Tablets in Visitor Management

Two customers were making their way for a business meeting. The first one was made to wait for over half hour before he was called into the office despite having a confirmed appointment with the host.

The second customer walked into the office, checked himself in using the visitor’s kiosk tablet and met the host with no delay and was out of the office within no time as they signed the deal without any delay. In the first instance however there was no such deal because the customer found their work place disorganized and tardy.

Visitors, be it sales people, vendors or customers do not like to be kept waiting while the front office executive turns up the pages of a dirty dog-eared visitor’s log book. When you client comes visiting, the impressions that are formed about the company even while waiting at the lobby matter a lot. Torn register books, indifferent or harassed front office executives and the basic attitude of the people manning the doors of the company weigh in a great deal while the customer is forming an opinion about the company.

That’s probably why most companies are opting for kiosks and tablets to welcomes their visitors. Tablets are being used everywhere these days and most people are familiar with its operations as it closely resembles the touchphone that most people carry today regardless of the brand. Here are a few advantages that a Tablet brings to the table –

Professional Behaviour: Greets your visitors professionally and courteously. With a tablet receptionist one need not worry about the visitor being ignored while the same can’t be said about human receptionists.

Creates the right impression: If you wish to create a right impression upon the visitor then one needs to ensure that they meet their host immediately. With a tablet receptionist and a robust visitor management system this situation would never arise because the system makes sure that there are no overlaps in the appointments given to the customers. Be assured that organized and systematic systems always create the right impression upon people.

Saves a lot of money and manpower: A tablet receptionist performs all the tasks that a human receptionist can and more thereby effectively reducing manpower resources for the company.

Consistent experience for the visitors: With a tablet receptionist be it a vendor, salesperson or an important client the courtesy and professional behaviour extended towards them remains the same.

Improves Productivity: Many studies have attested to the fact that visitor management that is controlled by tablet receptionist have increased the productivity of the employees as they have better control over their time.

Managing walk-in visitors, interview applicants, vendors, salesmen and clients requires an organized system that doesn’t allow overlap in appointments and acts courteously towards the visitor. A Tablet receptionist does all this and more and when combined with a robust visitor management system such as TouchPoint it also offers more security and helps the office go green effortlessly.