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The Concept of Visitor Delight and how to do it right!

Visitor Delight

There is a lot said and done when it comes to the legendary concept of ‘Customer Delight’. When you had exceeded your customer’s expectations, he is said to be delighted. Companies had believed that this customer delight makes customers come back for more. The customer may sometimes be unreasonable, but we have diligently trained ourselves to believe that he is always right. In fact, we even take this to the next level by conducting satisfaction surveys and programs. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to delighting our customers and that is exactly what a business should do. As Gandhiji rightly said “A customer is not an outsider but is a part of every business”.

When we talk so much about delighting our customers, aren’t we forgetting about a set of people who could be potential direct or indirect customers? – the visitors who step into our premises. We come from a culture which says “aditi devo bhava” which means “guest is god”. In that case, are we extending the same treatment that we provide our customers to our visitors? It is surprising to see that even bigger corporates fail to do so.

We see companies piling on the dough and absolutely leaning in with lakhs of rupees for a swanky lobby. Visually appealing lobbies can sometimes fail to provide a warm welcome when the visitor is made to wait in queues and fill out unkempt logs in the name of security. This kind of security is just a myth. There is no way to check the accuracy of the information provided in these logs. It’s like a spider thinking that it’s home made of fragile threads is fully protected.

Visitor Delight is a word coined by us at TouchPoint to resolve this kind of an issue. Because, we believe that today’s visitor is and will be tomorrow’s customer. Visitor Delight is exceeding your visitor’s expectations. To ensure visitor delight, one should follow these 3 A’s.

  • Approach
  • Automation
  • Attitude

Approach – It is the process, procedures and practices a company follows when it comes to visitor handling. Right from allocating a proper area or a place for the visitor to make him feel comfortable, to providing him with material like newspapers, magazines and beverages to reducing the wait time of the visitor come under ‘Approach’

Automation – Using a good software tool which addresses the pain points faced by the visitors like appointment seeking, visitor portal, Information submission, easy check-ins and check-outs and a quick self check-in through kiosks or tabs to check-in checkout procedure to self checking.

Attitude – The key to a warm welcome at the lobby. Playing a host must be more than a lip service. One should show empathy towards visitors by asking their preferences (like tea or coffee, magazines or newspapers etc) and keep at ease till they walk out of the premises. Thereby making their visit a memorable one. It is not only conveying who we are but what our organization stands for too

We sincerely believe that it is just a matter of time when all this will change and organizations will soon realize that branding is not restricted to outdoors but starts right from the doorstep and at your gate.This is what we call visitor delight.