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Visitor Management System can save lives

Visitor Management System for appointments

We are in a world filled with unpredictable threats every day and work place safety remains a major concern. The reception area is the first thing exposed to outsiders and hence is vulnerable. Let us consider this example:

There was an incident in the newspapers recently where a young dentist, Sangeetha from Chennai was killed by someone who visited her as a patient. The killer had come to the clinic as a patient and killed her when she resisted his attempt to rob her of her gold jewelry.

There were no evidences and the family came to know of it long after it has happened only when she did not return home for lunch.

The police were able to get a lead through a humble Visitor register lying in the clinic. The Dentist usually registers her patients’ details on this log book which was their only chance to a lead. To their surprise, it also had his contact details and the address.

This incident clearly illustrates us the importance of having a system in place to monitor visitors. In this case, the Visitor Register has played a major role. If not for that Visitor log book, the police would have struggled in solving the murder.

What do we infer from this?

The Visitor log book is a primitive form of visitor management that a facility could have. It is only by sheer luck that the culprit had entered his original details. Usually, it is only a formality and the visitor may enter false information and in many cases, the details are not even legible to decipher anything from it.

The world is moving towards digitalization and hence computers are inevitable in any office. The reception area is no exception to it. Hence, a manual log book could easily be replaced by Visitor management software which captures visitor details accurately.

The System is designed in such a way that falsification of information is almost impossible. When a simple log book can solve a murder like this, a proper Visitor Management System can help you prevent such crimes from occurring in your facility.

Visitor management System- the affordability

You may often assume that a Visitor management System (VMS) is only for the corporates and not for a smaller firm. We would want you to change that thought. Our VMS is the most cost effective solution that you can find. With costs as low as INR 2000 per month, you can monitor your facility effectively from any external threats.

It is mandatory for any organization to have fire extinguishers though we do not want to use them. But we totally understand the importance of such a mandate and oblige. The same way, we do not want any of these security threats happening to us but having a system in place providesus the safety that we always wanted. It is time we realized the importance of Visitor management Software and installed it immediately