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Gate Pass Management System

From manufacturing units to the corporates or hospitality industry, movement of materials in and out of the facility is essential. Keeping track of each and every item that enters and exits the facility can be a Herculean task if it is not clearly organized.

TouchPoint Gate pass management system

  • Automates the entire material tracking process for easier verification
  • Verifies the material movement approver’s signature and acknowledgement at each step of the process


It is the first stage of material gate pass management and is generated by the person who wants the material. The request can be generated based on the category and requirement.

  • Multi-level authorization
  • Approval of parallel requests
  • Request copies sent to department heads for approval


After the request has been sent to the department head, it should be approved by the concerned authority. The software can be configured based on the levels of approval required for each material request, department, value of material or any other aspect.

  • Role or value based approval
  • Sends notification to the concerned persons
  • Records approver’s signature and approval time


This stage is important when you’re transporting materials out of the facility. Instead of manually updating all the details of the consignment and verifying the facts, the entire process can be automated. Also available for transfer of materials between branches or locations.

  • Role based dispatch
  • Gate pass generated after materials verified using Bar code scanner
  • Captures approver’s signature at every stage


After having dispatched the materials out of the facility, you can’t be sure if it has reached the right place till you receive the acknowledgement.

  • Tracks material movement
  • Ensures it reaches the right destination
  • Keeps record of the receiver’s acknowledgement


When the material is been returned, the data of the material is cross checked with the returning items and the loop is closed.

  • Generate return gate passes for materials
  • Role based approval and acknowledgement
  • Tracks full and partial returns
  • Detailed reports, reminders and escalation of materials returned

TouchPoint Material Gate pass Management System Procedure

material gate pass flow

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