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Office Management

Efficient office management is the key to the success of any enterprise, big or small. Automate the entire process of office management to streamline workflow and enhance productivity. A part of the visitor management system, Helps manage all the office support functions

Employee Management

Keeping track of employee movement of the other facilities/cities is not an easy task –A manual log may sound convenient, but when you are handling many employee details, it will be faster, accurate and efficient if you automate the entire process.

  • Monitor other employee attendance, time in and time out
  • Keep track of movement of the employee

Vehicle Management Module

Whether you maintain a fleet of vehicles in your company or outsource it to a vendor, you will be responsible in ensuring the data of the start time, end time and distance travelled. Our vehicle management module will help you keep track of all the vehicles in your fleet.

  • Monitors vehicle movement in and out of the facility
  • Calculates the distance traveled by each vehicle

Key Management Module

Sometimes something as small a misplaced key can cost lots of productive hours. This module is designed to keep track of the various essential keys used in a company. It tracks movement of keys between employees or between departments.

  • Tracks key movement
  • Keeps log of people with access to the key
  • Records the last person to use the key

Courier Management Module

Does your office staff find themselves spending a lot of time tracking the couriers going in and out of the office? This module is designed to reduce that work by automating the complete process.

  • Tracks couriers sent/received along with the dates
  • Alerts the person who has received the courier

Call Management Module

It is difficult to man the desk 24/7 or even to remember each and every call and the caller. That’s why we have added the call management module to our TouchPoint software. It registers all the unattended calls and captures information about the call, so you can call back.

  • Records unattended calls
  • Keeps track of calls and Alerts the person