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Do you remember the person visited the office yesterday at 4 PM?
Was he a vendor, client or an employee for an interview?

Ask this question to the security at the gate, and you may get a positive answer. Now ask who visited the office premises at 5.00 PM exactly a week earlier! The response will probably be a blank stare!!


Automate the entire process of visitor management and ensure you keep your work space safe and secure for everyone involved. This system is a part of the facility management software.

  • Creates a database with all the important information about your visitors
  • Print self-adhesive sticker passes with the visitor’s photograph for easy identification
  • Tracks the visitor’s movement inside the facility



From manufacturing units to the corporates or hospitality industry, movement of materials in and out of the facility is essential. TouchPoint Material gatepass module enables seamless monitoring of all material movement and even helps keep track of items returned.

  • Automates the entire material tracking process for easier verification
  • Verifies the material movement approver’s signature and acknowledgement at each step of the process



Efficient office management is the key to the success of any enterprise, big or small. Automate the entire process of office management to streamline workflow and enhance productivity. A part of the visitor management system, Helps manage all the office support functions

  • Monitor other employee attendance, time in and time out
  • Keep track of movement of the employee


Case Studies 


Learn how Touchpoint has helped businesses like yours manage the entry and exit of visitors and materials. Download visitor and material gate pass case studies from different industries including manufacturing, hotels, multi-tenancy buildings, etc.



Want to know what facility and security managers are saying about TouchPoint? Read our client testimonials to understand how managers like you are benefiting from each TouchPoint’s module.

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