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Whether you’re a big corporate with thousands of employees or a startup with few people on the payroll, Touch Point can be of great assistance in recording visitor, material and vendor movement in and out of your office. We have a whole suite of software programs that can be customized to exactly meet your office requirements.

Need fewer options? Go for the tab version wherein the visitor can key in the basic details into the form and click a picture. So, you not only know the details of the visitor, but also his photograph for future reference.

Hospitality Industry

It’s a hive of activity at the backend of a hotel – from materials to vendors and employees, there’s constant movement in and out of the hotel’s backdoor. No wonder, the security personnel and admin staff there feel overwhelmed and confused. TouchPoint can help you keep track of the vendor and material movement with ease.

Multi-tenancy Buildings

In a building that hosts multiple types of tenants, keeping track of visitors and materials is a very hard task. Our software will help keep track of the various types of movement in and out of the building. The software can also be programmed to keep track of the appointments. The numerous companies or offices working from this building will be given a login. They can enter the details of the various appointments and vendor movements. All the data is correlated into the dashboard that can be accessed by the security at the gate. So, they will be able to authorize visitor entry without any hassle. Moreover, this software can also be accessed in the tab version, for added convenience.

Residential Apartments and Gated Communities

Security is very important, especially in gated communities and residential apartments where you have children and aged persons. Moreover, the security at the gate will not be able to keep track of all those visiting the facility as friends and family will drop in anytime, unlike offices where an appointment is essential for visitors. In such cases, our software can be customized to meet the specific requirement of such residential buildings.