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Visitor Management Process Flow [Infographic]


Touchpoint’s simple step by step process to make your Visitor management quick, easy & effective!

 visitor management process flow infographic

Automating visitor management process will make your workspace safe and secure for everyone involved. Learn how easy it is to manage your office visitors using TouchPoint.

Step 1: Visitor enters building
Step 2: Self Check-in using Tab: Use the tab at security to register the visitor’s details and his/her photo
Step 3: Hands over their visiting card to the security personnel or receptionist
Step 4: Scans the business card using the business card scanner
Step 5: OCR Conversion: TouchPoint stores the complex visitor details in the database
Step 6: Web Camera: Webcam/IP camera captures the visitor’s photograph
Step 7: Bio-Metric: Biometric captures the visitor’s fingerprint data
Step 8: Digital Pen: Digital pen records the visitor’s signature
Step 9: Barcode Scanner: Barcode scanner tags visitor’s items like laptop and disks
Step 10: Label Printer: Label printer prints the visitor pass on self adhesive customized stickers
Step 11: Notification: TouchPoint notifies visitor host through SMS/email regarding visitor’s arrival
Step 12: Visitor is checked in successfully

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