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Visitor Management System

Automate the entire process of visitor management and ensure you keep your work space safe and secure for everyone involved.  

Managing entry and exit of visitors, customers and contractors at workplace is a daunting task if your organization is still involved in manual visitor management process. In this highly competitive business environment, it has become mandate to provide best hospitality services to your office visitors, and therefore the lobby area plays a vital role to make the impression last long.

TouchPoint visitor management system available in web and saas based format captures visitors’ information, stores in a database and provides a professionally printed visitor badge or pass.

This visitor management application is so easy to use that even a person with basic English literate can easily operate it, as the software has each field translated in Vernacular language that can easily be understood by a bsic or non-English literate.

Make a great first impression with TouchPoint Visitor Management System 

  • Creates a database with all the important information about your visitors
  • Print self-adhesive sticker passes with the visitor’s photograph for easy identification
  • Tracks the visitor’s movement inside the facility


TouchPoint visitor management system has a special module just for creating, tracking and rescheduling appointments. So, the visitor’s pass can be generated from the visitor management software and the people at the reception or gate can easily direct the visitor to meet the right person.

  • Available in the portal formats
  • Pre-register or self register appointments
  • Approve or reschedule appointments
  • Reduces visitor’s waiting time at the gate/reception as the visitor’s pass can be generated in advance

Check-in and Check-out

Checking in or checking out visitors is no longer a tedious chore, thanks to TouchPoint. This module works in tandem with the appointment module. If a visitor has an appointment, the security person just cross checks the details in the registered appointment, collects visitor’s information and directs them to the right person.

  • Allows for self check-in
  • Appointment scheduler streamlines check-in and check-out process
  • Speed check option for repeat visitors


Do away with waiting time using the notifications module. As soon as the visitor enters the facility and the visitor’s badge is issued, a notification is sent to the concerned person that their appointment has arrived.

  • Visitor’s arrival or exit is notified via a SMS/email/browser pop-up/mobile app
  • Notification will include visitor’s photograph, for safety and convenience
  • Overstay notification option adds to the safety factor

Security Features

TouchPoint visitor management software helps strengthen the security options in your facility by verifying visitors before entry, preventing unauthorized entry of visitors to restricted areas and tracking the visitor movement in the facility.

  • Verifies visitor’s mobile number through a code (OTP)
  • Cross checks visitor’s pass during exit
  • Limit access areas to visitors
  • Prepare an evacuation report

Contractor Management

A subset of TouchPoint Visitor Management Software, contractor management can also be used as a separate application, if required. It can be specially configured to track the movements of the contractors and vendors in your facility.

  • Detailed profile of contractors/vendors along with all the information and photograph
  • Check whether they’re still in their contract period
  • Can also be used for billing purposes


No two business establishments or facilities are same, and each office will have its own set of requirements and specifications. This visitor management system can be customized according to roles, location and language.

  • Choose a pre-defined template that matches your business requirement
  • Customization based on role, language or location
  • Notifications by way of SMS/email/mobile alerts

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