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Bringing in technology to take care of history – Visitor Management Solution

Are the heritage buildings in your city secure? There definitely is therefore a need to regulate, control and monitor inflow and outflow of visitors to these historical places. This is where it becomes our duty to ensure that such buildings are properly secured for posterity, by bringing in the latest technology. In the form of ‘state of the art’ visitor management systems, in order to protect history and safeguard it for our children!

How this matters

Monitoring and managing heritage buildings and sites is crucial for sustainable tourism as well as for preserving history for the future. A good management system naturally contributes to a great visitor experience. Proper and secure visitor management reflects on the efficiency of the host community and provides further opportunities for benefits. There are often misconceptions that in over populated, third world counties, controlling visitor management is next to impossible. However, there is proof that great destinations and sites can control and manage effectively when people visit, what they do there and how positive experiences bring them back.

Some Key guidelines for Visitor Management at heritage sites

Wishing alone is not enough: With the growing size of tourists each year, wishing that everything runs smoothly at a historically well known building alone is not enough. Some amount of research has to be done to finally put the appropriate Visitor Management System in place.

Give out more information: Today, knowledge is power. Visitors look for every bit of information they can find before they schedule a visit. Providing enough information is critical to a good visitor experience. Little things matter the most so even if a small bit of information regarding public holidays, timings etc. empower the visitor to make good choices with this in mind.

Widen the benefits: Products produced locally, services provided around a heritage site etc. are key contributors to visitor experience and by involving local communities to secure these benefits we widen the pool of those who take responsibility to ensure the safety and security of a historical building.

Trends and Timing: Visitor tracking software helps to understand visiting trends, whether seasonal or annual and enables operation of visitors’ access accordingly. Enabling capture of visitor flow we can study peak and trough periods that can be manipulated by ticket sales and prices.

Immediate feedback options: Feedback provision is a must to improve any service and this is true for visitor management systems at heritage sites as well. Visitors feedback can help in a huge way to fine tune monitoring and tracking of data, to improve sign-in and experience of visitors and increase benefits.

Congestion control: As is common to many heritage sites, congestion of visitor flow during peak seasons is natural. In order to decongest flow of traffic and ease the flow of visitors some measures can be put in place to broaden the visitor experience. Providing off season offers, advance ticketing options with benefits and forward forecasting are some of the ways that visitor flows can be controlled.

Smooth and quick operations, fuelled by technology ensures the necessary preservation of history. Recurring visitors’ positive feedback allows other more frequent visitors to join the list generating more revenue and benefits for the local communities. In the end who knew that technology will save the day and provide a way to enable the safety and security of history?!