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Four Traits of effective communicators

There are four important traits that all effective communicators display. Studies have shown that people who express interest in their conversation partner’s viewpoint and followed up with questions to encourage debate were more liked and more likely to be picked for future interactions. Communication is an art and by looking out for the following four traits of effective communicators and practicing it you too can develop the art of communicating effectively.

Active and Constructive Listening

One of the most important traits of a good communicator is how well he listens to what is being said to him. Listening is just as important as talking in a conversation between two people. In fact, listening is half of a successful conversation—you take turns to talk, and everyone feels heard. This is great communication.

Addressing each other by names

Our names affect our whole lives, more than most of us realize. In conversation with others, we can use this to our advantage by not only using someone’s name initially, but by remembering their name later. Your relationship with the person automatically improves with this personal touch remembering someone’s name has been shown to make people more likely to help you, more likely to buy from you, and is seen as a compliment.

Give others a chance to talk

Effective communicators make it a point to give others a chance to talk. People feel good when given a chance to express their thoughts. If you want to make your conversation partner feel good, get them talking about themselves and their interests. This also gives you leverage to get their full concentration when you put your opinions and thoughts across to them.

Emphasize similarities

We often like and take to other people who we think are similar to us. Likewise, we’re more likely to become friends with people who we perceive as being similar to us. People who are similar to us, who pay us compliments and who cooperate with us are more likely to get our attention. Therefore we must use this knowledge to do the same in getting other peoples attention when we try to communicate effectively with them. So how can you point out similarities between you and your conversation partner, to make them more likely to enjoy your company? Well, you can drive the conversation towards topics you’re both interested in.

So use these four most effective traits that good communicators have used for hundreds of years and watch how much more effective your communication becomes. Overhaul your communication efforts and maybe someone else will be inspired to develop these traits from you too!