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What is Your Visitor Management Procedure?

Great advantages of a cloud-based visitor management system

Most IT Parks and Software Companies use Visitor Management Systems to safeguard their premises and to streamline the number of visitors on a day-to-day basis. IT Parks in India are extensive areas with multiple buildings dotting its landscape. Hundreds of people work in numerous offices there. Canteens, Shopping Centres, Gyms, Day Care Centres, Spas, Beauty Parlours and many other facilities are a part of this infrastructure.

Maintaining and regulating the visitor’s entry and exit in such an establishment requires a robust system that is not only efficient but also systematic and detailed. Many IT Parks have moved onto Cloud-based Visitor Management System such as TouchPoint and these are the reasons for the same –

1. Access information from anywhere – One of the biggest advantages of a cloud-based system is that it allows access from just about anywhere in the world. You can be sitting at home or a coffee shop or leagues away in another city you could still check how many visitors came to your office on a particular day!

2. Flexibility – Most Cloud-based Visitor Management Systems in the market like TouchPoint have different modules and levels of security options. This allows more flexibility for the user to select options that suit their enterprise. For example, advanced security options of a Visitor Management System would entail collecting biometric fingerprints from their visitors. If you have a small premises and you do not require this level of security data collected then you could opt for a module without this option.

3. Easy-to-usePay and go model – Cloud-based software does not require any installation of software or testing. You can select the module that you wish to buy and the options that you need for the security of the premises and pay for the same for time period of your choice. And what more, before you pay for any Visitor Management module you can do a trial run of the software for a limited period of time!

4. No Installation or no special plugin –One of the best advantages of a cloud-based software is that it requires no special hardware or software to work on. No downloads, no expensive software or plugins are required. And what more… Visitor Management Systems works on all types of devices – Laptops, Computers, Tablets and Mobiles.

5. No huge investment –Cloud-based systems are easy on the investment because you would be buying only those options that you would be using.

6. Easy Maintenance – Take any software that is installed in the system, they will need to be updated from time-to-time by the end-user. In the case of Visitor Management System, the company does the software updates and they also take care of backup, recovery and data redundancy.

Visitor Management Systems that are cloud based are not only easy to work on but are also extremely robust and detailed. Even the most basic module would provide you with effective options to regulate and log the details of the visitors who come to your campus.