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The Catch 22 situation and the Visitor Management System

The Catch 22 situation and the Visitor Management System

Organizations are investing a lot of money to create an impeccable reception area to create the “wow effect”. After all, there are no second chances to creating a good first impression.

If you look closely, we all have to face a catch 22 situation while trying to provide a mix of the following- Security, automation and professionalism while still providing a warm welcome to the guests.

Reception Security

While talking about the reception area, we should not forget that one of the major concerns pressing organizations is the safety and security which starts right here. The physical security at the reception area is to protect people, equipment and the premises.

These concerns can be attributed to the growth in the physical security market globally which is valued at USD 48 billion with a projected size of USD 125 billion by the year 2019. We cannot deny that this has been due to escalating incidences of terrorism and other threats around the world.

At hotels and airports, frisking has become quite common and people are realizing that it cannot be avoided. Companies are no exception to this and hence should put a proper system in place at the reception to secure their facilities.


Technology has conquered every other activity in an organization and we could see automation everywhere. When we have embraced technology in each and everything, why leave the reception?

Why is it the reception area of most of the companies have a log book amidst a luxurious surrounding? A torn one of course! With around hundred people handling it every day, you cannot but expect the log book to be torn due to the wear and tear.

If we examine, the log book system aims at controlling access and intrusion in to the properties and take stringent actions to monitor property and objects. But the question is, does it do its job?

Everyone is in a hurry to attend to the meeting and almost always scribble something in the log book and enter the premises. The resultant information is illegible, incomplete or false. So, we would say that this so called system for security is a myth and not a reality.

Whereas an automated visitor management software captures all the necessary information effectively. This information is easily findable through a simple search.


Professionalism means standardizing and organizing the way we manage things. The reception area requires professionalism in the way the guests are handled and speeding up the process of information extraction without the slightest inconvenience to the visitors.

The security personnel require total situational awareness 24/7 and 365 days in a year. This could be achieved only by applying technology to their fingertips thereby minimizing human errors.

Mobility, flexibility, and continued innovation are in demand and the visitor management software industry is catching the wave to serve their customers better.

While frisking is something we cannot afford to do with our visitors to maintain our decorum, using a good visitor management solution would perfectly do the job.

With limitations around the reception area, there is always a catch 22 situation in perfectly balancing these 3 pillars of visitor Management system. TouchPoint gives you a balanced visitor management system which affordable and great to use.