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The importance of visitor’s log

The importance of visitor’s log

Dr.Sangeetha, a dentist by profession ran a clinic in Nolambur, Chennai. One afternoon in 2015, she was found dead in her clinic with injuries on her neck and her jewellery stolen. As the police investigated they came up with a very valuable lead. The clinic had a visitor’s log – a handwritten notebook where the details of all the visitors were recorded. As they interrogated the patients who had last met the victim they came across a man from Avadi with a proven criminal record. With their suspicions mounting, they interrogated him thoroughly and found that he had posed as a patient to gain access to the clinic and had stolen the Dentist’s jewellery after killing her.

What’s surprising about this case was the fact that he had given valid contact details and address in the visitor’s log!

Maintaining a visitor’s log is one of the basic practices of Visitor Management System. And this case proves how vital and effective it can be, in a criminal investigation. Though admittedly, not all criminals are going to leave valid details about themselves in the log. Nonetheless, even a manual visitor’s log has its merits if the said criminal doesn’t think through his plan.

With the world moving towards digitization a digital visitor management system is the need of the hour in metros where criminals commit daylight robbery that often enough ends in murder, rape and other crimes.

One of the many advantages of a digital system is the legibility factor. Most visitors are not very careful about their handwriting while they write on the Visitor’s log. Most visitors do not bother to write down their numbers or addresses unless the front-office or security officer insists. There again the possibility of giving false data is quite high. In a digital environment, visitor’s log are digitized wherein the security types in the name, address, phone number etc.

A digital system offers more security options to the building/client than an ordinary visitor’s log. A static photo of the visitor, scanning of ID cards, bio metric fingerprints are some of the many options that aid to make the premises more secure.

How does it work?

1. A walk-in visitor will need to give the following details – Name, Address, Purpose of Visit, Contact Number

2. The host will be informed about the Visitor’s details through an SMS or Phone

3. The system then takes a static photo of the visitor

4. ID cards such as driver’s license will be asked and scanned

5. Some Visitor Management Systems also have a bio metric fingerprint option. This is very valuable information that is collected from the visitor because ID cards and other details can be falsified.

6. In the end if the host allows the visitor to come up then he is sent up after checking his bags.

A glance at the newspaper would reveal how unsafe today’s world is proving to be. A good security system is no more an extravagant measure but an indispensable necessity today. That’s why Visitor Management software like TouchPoint has become popular, as they are not only efficient but also extremely affordable.